Most Popular YouTube Channels | Create YouTube Channel -

Most Popular YouTube Channels | Create YouTube Channel –

This blog post will be listing to you the Most Popular YouTube Channels and also how to Create YouTube Channel. It will help you stay updated and current on what is going onĀ  both on socials and all media possibly. This post will be telling you the easiest way to create a new YouTube channels, Have you been finding that difficult? Just read on this article and you will virtually grab all you want.

There are many channels but the most popular YouTube channels is what i will be fully discussing in this post. You will be seeing lots of them and keep you updated and current on what is really going on. This trending channels will keep you connected to your favorites and also meet new channel owners.

YouTube is a popular America n video-sharing website, created in February 2005 by the 3 formal employees of PayPal, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It has its headquarter in San Bruno, California.

It helps every user to share, report, comment and also subscribe to other users of the service for any updates. I will be digressing a little to tell you about YouTube contents. Read on!

Some Unique YouTube Content

There are some amazing YouTube contents which will make every user to go for its channels. It allows you to broadcast your own video, share some files and subscribe to any user you like for updates. Below are some of the contents of YouTube you might want to also read.

  • TV shows clips
  • Video clips
  • Short documentary films
  • Video blogging
  • Movie trailers
  • Educational videos
  • Musical videos etc.

Having seen the brief history and some of the popular content of YouTube, let us now see the most popular YouTube channels which is the main content of this blog post.

Most Popular YouTube Channels (

Below will be listing the top most popular YouTube channels so you can know the trending channels and also going ahead to subscribe in order to get favorite updates and hits.

Most Popular YouTube Channels | Create YouTube Channel -

  1. PewDiePie with over 56.1 million subscribers
  2. HolaSoyGerman with 32.0 million
  3. elrubiusOMG with 224.8 million subscribers
  4. Smosh has 22.7 million subscribers
  5. Fernanfloo having about 22.5 million subscribers
  6. whinderssonnunes –18.3 million subscribers
  7. VanossGaming with 201.9 subscribers
  8. JuegaGerman ——20.4 million subscribers
  9. Dude perfect have up to 20.3 million subscribers

All of all these listed above are the top most popular YouTube channels and also the biggest. It gives you the best YouTube experience and also help you stay updated all time. You can comfortably subscribe to each of them for a lovely and memorable experience.

How To Create YouTube Channel –

This is where i will be teaching you the easiest method and way on how to create your own YouTube channel so you can immediately start enjoying yourself. Below shows some important steps which will guide you in creating a successful YouTube channel.

  • First, you must have a YouTube account
  • Visit to create yours now
  • Then follow the homepage and visit your dashboard
  • At the top right corner, click channel list
  • Choose create new channel
  • Fill in your detail to create your new channel and verify
  • You can also add your channel manager if you wish
  • After that, click done and you have created a new brand account.

Also note that this is strictly for creating a channel with a Business name. If you want to create a personal channel account, still follow up the link above. You can also click YouTube channels to begin immediately.

Create A Personal Channel

  • Follow the number 4 option above
  • Select personal account
  • Fill up your details
  • Click OK and you are done

Congratulations to you if you obeyed all these given steps because it will be easier and simple for you in creating your YouTube channels. Also with the most popular YouTube channels listed above, you can now start your subscriptions in order to be getting latest and most trending updates on any of your choice stories.

Feel free also to say your mind, the comment box is open. Enjoy your most popular YouTube channels.


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