UNICAF Scholarship Programme | Study Abroad From Home - Unicaf.org

UNICAF Scholarship Programme | Study Abroad From Home – Unicaf.org

Do you want to qualify for UNICAF Scholarship Programme | Study Abroad From Home – Unicaf.org for your postgraduate or undergraduate degrees, then you have to read this post very well to know how to register for UNICAF scholarship awards. Read through to see the steps or registration and eligibility.

Scholarship programmes offered by UNICAF is for both the postgraduates and undergraduates. you can have the chance to study not minding your country or province. It does not limit you on location, region or place. It is an online programme and helps you get a degree in no distant time.

Brief History About UNICAF

UNICAF was founded in the year 2012 as which offers a very high quality, affordable educations to many undeserved markets and it is accessible to African professionals and young school leavers. They are in collaboration with universities in UK, US, Europe and Africa respectively.

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme is being founded to offer gifted, underprivileged students the maximum opportunity to continue their education virtually by earning internationally recognized qualifications at a low cost through an online study which is only available for Unicaf University programmes.

UNICAF Scholarship Eligibility

Below will be telling you some of the criteria for the scholarship qualification. You will be knowing what it takes to qualify for Unicaf scholarship.

Before you can get qualified in UNICAF award scholarship, candidates

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  1. Should at least be earning less than 20,000 USD per year.
  2. Be available to begin their academic studies within 6 months from the date of receiving admission to one of the programmes offered.
  3. Also they should be able to meet all the entry requirements of the respective programme of study.

Steps On How To Apply For UNICAF scholarship Programmes

I will not waste a single of your time in telling you the basic steps to follow so you can start enjoying the UNICAF scholarship award.

UNICAF Scholarship Programme | Study Abroad From Home - Unicaf.org

To begin your application,

  • First of all read the eligibility status
  • Having done that, open your browser
  • Click on UNICAF
  • Keen in your First and last name
  • Select your country and residence
  • Your mobile number
  • Hit the next button
  • Email / Verify
  • Select your programme
  • Select the current level of your education
  • Hit the submit icon and you are done

All these steps listed above will successfully lead you into UNICAF scholarship programme, just make sure it is followed bit-by bit so to avoid mistake. You can also visit www.unicaf.org for more details.

The scholarship application will be examined and decided upon as this will depend on the qualifications, financial situation of the applicant after which the eligible students are awarded.

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